A C T I V A T E  S E L L I N G

D O O R - T O - D O O R

T H E  P R O B L E M

You put a great deal of effort into recruiting promising sales professionals.

You invest a great deal of time and money training those you hire.

Your sales hires accept the job with the intention to succeed.

They have the courage to bet on themselves.

And yet, a high percentage of these inspiring reps fail before they even get started.

There must be a better way.

There is...

T H E  S O L U T I O N

Our 60-day online course is a game-changer.  It will:

-Help more of your reps succeed.

-Accelerate the speed by which reps begin to make sales.

-Cause your reps to stay with your organization longer.

-Provide your reps a valuable professional sales certification.

-Help Improve your recruiting process.

-Be a cornerstone in building a strong sales culture.

-Put you in a position to be a better leader, providing more value to all reps.

-Help you to build a better, stronger company.

A B O U T  T H E  C O U R S E

60-Days & Certification

Reps who complete the 60-day course earn a professional sales certification.


Participants can earn points, badges, and rewards as the progress.

Anytime, Anywhere!

Participants need only their smart phone and wifi for course access.

T H E  C O U R S E  O U T L I N E

Week 1: Attitude

In the first week we introduce the course, provide an overview of the learning center, and begin the process of inspiring sales performance.  Modules include:  Congratulations on Your Decision, The Quick Tour, The Bold Advantage, Writing Your Own Story, The Importance of a Positive Selling Attitude.

Week 2:  Values

In the second week, we build on the discussion about Attitude by introducing a set of core Values that position sales professionals away from manipulative tactics and instead fully embracing an integrity-based, customer-focused approach to selling.  Modules include:  Integrity, Stickiness, Caring, Helping, and Likability.

Week 3: Habits

In week three of the course, we begin building the championship habits on top sales professionals and leaders.  of the previous week's discussion on Mindset.  Modules include:  Goal Setting, Accountability, The Performance Equation, The Slight-Edge Principle, Becoming a Game-Changer.

Week 4:  Brain Week

We affectionately refer to week four as "Brain Week" because here we're going to provide an extremely valuable introduction to the psychology of selling and a window into the mind of the buyer when at the door.  Modules include:  A Quick Overview of the Brain, Cognitive Dissonance, Heuristics, Your Prospective Customer's Brain at the Door, and Disrupting Patterns.

Week 5: Activate Selling

In week five we'll begin to introduce our specific process for "activating" the sales process.  This is the perfect time to introduce these concepts into the program.  Modules include:  Opening is the New Closing, The Positive Emotional State, The Gateway Question, The Credibility Question, The Next 45 Seconds.

Week 6: Motivate Buying

In week six we're going to learn to take full advantage of the 45 seconds we've earned by successfully "Activating" the selling process, we're ready to present the elements of our irresistible offer. Modules include:  Why You're Here, Present the Opportunity, Dealmakers, The Walk Away, Sell to the Gap.  

Week 7: Map to Close

In week seven, we're focused on what happens after we've developed a motivated buyer.  If we've been successful, the prospective customer will have their interest in buying piqued.  With their proper motivation in place, now we can begin working our way down a defined path to close.  Modules include:  Know Your Microsteps, Ask for the Business, Handle Objections, Act Like You've Been There Before, What to Do After the Sale.

Week 8:  Course Recap

In week eight, we'll recap the key ideas from the course!.  We'll cover key components from Attitude, Mindset, Play Like a Champion, The Buyer's Brain, Activate Selling, Motivate Buying, and Map to Close.

Week 9: Course Conclusion

In week nine, we're ready to wrap things up, so here we go!  Modules include:  Goals Achieved, Lessons Learned, Stories to Tell, Get Certified, Next Steps.

Y O U R  C O M P A N Y  U N I V E R S I T Y




One available option is to make Activate Selling available to your sales team inside of your own privately-branded online learning center!  In this case, our team of learning specialists would work with you to build your campaign-specific training programs as well and make them available inside your training center along side of Activate Selling.  This is a great way to make learning a competitive advantage in your door-to-door sales organization!

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